WI Syllabus Checklist

What is required in a WI Course?

  • Must include a Writing Intensive statement* outlining the required writing assignments.
  • At least 20% of the course grade must be based on writing assignments.
  • Must incorporate informal writing assignments, which may include journals, self-assessments, free writing, online discussions, peer reviews, reflective essays, and short response papers.
  • Formal writing assignments should not exceed 80% of the writing assignments. Formal writing assignments may include research papers, lab reports, expository essays, and poster presentations.
  • Formal writing assignments should have a clear timeline for scaffolding assignments.
  • Students will be capped at 22.
*Sample Writing Intensive Statement

This course fulfills the Writing Intensive requirement by writing one research paper (minimum 1700 words), 4 short reflective essays (minimum of 450 words each), and various other in-class writings including free writing and self-assessments. Final draft of a research paper will be completed after submitting a literature review, a working thesis statement, and introduction and one main body paragraph.

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