WI Faculty Certification

WI Faculty Certification at BCC is offered in hybrid format (partially online) to maximize flexibility and effectiveness. Faculty participate in 4~6 meetings to design low-stakes and scaffolded high-stakes assignments as well as the WI syllabus. Please contact the WAC coordinator of Faculty Development for further details.

In the seminar, faculty will

  • Design an effective Writing Intensive course
  • Better understand (WAC) pedagogy
  • Learn new techniques to teach content through writing
  • Measure writing proficiency as outlined by curricular goals of Pathways General Education
  • Develop low-stakes assignments, scaffolded high-stakes assignments, rubrics, strategies for feedback

Summer 2018 Writing Intensive Faculty Certification — June 4th, 2018, 10 am – 5 pm

The Writing Intensive Faculty Certification Seminar will prepare faculty for designing a Writing Intensive (WI) course.  WI courses embrace both formal and informal writing assignments and are capped at 22 students.  WI courses include writing-to-learn activities such as journals, self-assessments, and brief, low-stakes essays as well as graded formal papers.  All BCC students are required to take 2 WI courses to graduate.  Compensation will total six (6) hours at the participant’s non-teaching adjunct rate plus one (1) hour of release time for full-time faculty or 25 hours at the non-teaching adjunct rate for adjuncts. Compensation will be made consistent with all applicable contract guidelines.

Writing Intensive Faculty Certification application:http://bit.ly/ctlt-wac-app

The application deadline is Sunday, April 22nd.  We hope to see you in June!


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