WAC @ Bronx

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) at Bronx Community College is dedicated to helping faculty and students work together to use writing as a tool to learn in every class and in every discipline. We encourage writing activities in and out of the classroom to give students a chance to think through and master the concepts and content of the subject area.

Our program serves the college community in a number of ways:

Writing Intensive Courses

Bronx Community College offers over 300 Writing Intensive sections every semester and students are required to take at least TWO before graduating. The BCC WAC program provides assistance with syllabi and assignment design and a number of other literacy-related activities.

Faculty Development

The BCC WAC program provides in-depth support to a core group of faculty implementing WI courses across a range of disciplines. The faculty development program is facilitated by the WAC coordinator to introduce WAC pedagogy and its applications.

CUNY WAC Fellows Program

The WAC Fellows Program is a CUNY-wide initiative designed to improve the quality of writing instruction across the disciplines and offer support for advanced CUNY doctoral students. WAC Fellows participate in weekly professional development meetings led by the WAC coordinator, attend CUNY-wide WAC workshops, and work with WI faculty. Fellows work as consultants, rather than a tutor or a teaching assistant, to help expand the work of WAC at BCC.

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