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WAC Coordinators

Swan Kim (WAC Fellows & Program Development)

CO 626 x5745

As the coordinator of the Bronx Community College WAC program, my goal is to better assist and serve the needs of Writing Intensive faculty and students on campus and provide pedagogical training and professional development of the Writing Fellows. Having worked at writing programs at University of Virginia, Rutgers at New Brunswick, and New York Institute of Technology, I am interested in identifying and refining a WAC model that best supports BCC. Also building on my experience as a project manager in digital humanities projects, I would like to further promote awareness and use of WAC resources online. I am thrilled to be part of this program and looking forward to work with the WAC Fellows.

Giulia Guarnieri (Assessment & Faculty Development)

CO 236 x5645

In my current role, I provide assistance in the areas of program assessment, faculty development, and data analytics. Prior to joining the WAC program, I led the First-Year Program and created and managed the Podcasting Faculty Seminar, where I oversaw all aspects of the training, evaluation, planning, and assessment. I also serve on the board of the Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology. I was raised in Italy but have been living in the United States for over 20 years. I received a graduate degree in English Language and Literature and a Ph.D. in Romance Languages– at BCC, I am Professor of Italian Language and Literature. I was trained in WAC pedagogy both in graduate school and at Bronx Community College. In addition, I serve as an instructional technology consultant for higher education both in the US and Europe. I look forward to working with all future participating faculty and fellows.

2018-2019 WAC Fellows

Gabriel Arce Riocabo (PhD candidate, LAILAC)

Office Hours: CO 233 Thursdays 12-2pm & by appt.

I am a Phd candidate in Latin American, Iberian and Latino Cultures. BA, Spanish Literature, Amherst College; Master of Journalism, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid-El País (Spain). Main research interests: Cinema and TV studies, Latin-American documentary film, Cuban literature, literature of the Cuban diaspora. I have taught Spanish at Lehman College and both Spanish and English at South Brooklyn Community High School. Most recently I have been a Guest Researcher at Göteborg Universitet in Gothenburg, Sweden.

As a writing fellow at Bronx Community College I aim to bring awareness to and enhance “translingual” literacy, that is the fluid transition between named languages (such as “Spanish” or “English”), as a valid and licit practice. Translanguaging can enrich literacy and writing in various registers from which it is often excluded. I am also interested in ways of incorporating different forms of visual and media literacy into the classroom. I serve as liaison to the English and Business Departments.

Kiki Leung (PhD candidate, Musicology)

Office Hours: CO 233 Thursdays 12-2pm & by appt.

I am a PhD candidate in Musicology at The Graduate Center, CUNY. My current research inquires into the emergence of Shostakovich’s heroism in America, and its relationship with the symphonic ethos, the formative reception of Beethoven, and music criticism. I received my MPhil in Musicology from The University of Hong Kong, where I also did my undergraduate studies, double majoring in Music and Comparative Literature. Prior to my academic pursuits, I worked as the Education and Outreach Officer at the Hong Kong Philharmonic. My research focus stems from my acquaintance with literary and cultural theories, as well as my work experience in audience education.

As a writing fellow at Bronx Community College, I aim at enhancing students’ skills in writing, and in learning through writing. I serve to assist faculty in incorporating the WAC pedagogy into their writing courses, and also to provide writing workshops to students. I work mainly with the Art and Music, and  HPER Departments.

Jessie McCormack (PhD candidate, Philosophy)

Office Hours: CO 233 Tuesdays 2-4pm & by appt.

My current dissertation research explores the relation between perception, thought, and language, centering on the treatment of beliefs as sentence-like. My other research is on the history of American philosophy, with particular focus on American Pragmatism and African-American philosophy, and the similarities and differences in these traditions. Prior to becoming a WAC fellow at BCC, I was an instructor at Lehman College, and Virginia Tech– where I received my MA in philosophy (2013)– prior to that.

My pedagogical approach is informed and inspired primarily by Socrates and American philosophers. I focus on getting students to talk about complicated topics in their own voice and integrating their learning into their everyday life, as well as bringing their experiences to bear on intellectual pursuits. I emphasize training skills of critical self-examination– in recognizing what one truly knows and could argue for, versus what we might think we know– and encouragement of genuine curiosity and comfort with admitting and learning from error. I serve as liaison to the Education and History departments.

Parfait Kouacou (PhD candidate, French)

Office Hours: CO 233 Thursdays 12-2pm & by appt.

I am a PhD Candidate in French at the Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY). My research investigates the interconnection between African literary discourses on childhood and the development of international children’s rights law. I received a master’s degree in law from the University of Bouake, Côte d’Ivoire, and a master’s degree in French literature from Arizona State University (ASU). I previously worked as a journalist at various media and as a human rights officer at the United Nations in Côte d’Ivoire. Since 2012, I have enjoyed teaching French language and culture at various universities in Arizona and New York City.

As a WAC Fellow at BCC I consult with faculty about syllabus and assignment design and writing-oriented teaching techniques. My goal is to support faculty in developing methods to cultivate students’ critical thinking and ownership of their education through writing. I serve as a liaison to two departments: Modern Languages and Physics.

Eleanor Luken (PhD candidate, Environmental Psychology)

Office Hours: CO 233 Thursdays 12-2pm & by appt.

I am a PhD candidate in Environmental Psychology at the Graduate Center, CUNY. My dissertation research investigates the home environments of family child care providers and the contradictions of paid care work. I currently teach Environmental Psychology at Fashion Institute of Technology and Pratt Institute and have teaching experience at Hunter College and City College. I bring an interdisciplinary perspective to my research and teaching; I hold an M.S. Architecture from the University of Cincinnati and have experience in early childhood pedagogy and educational spaces.

I am delighted to return to the BCC community as WAC fellow for a second year; I enjoy consulting with faculty on assignments and lesson design and working one-on-one with students on their writing projects. I serve as a WAC liaison to the Chemistry department.

Katherine Volkmer (PhD student, Italian Specialization, Comparative Literature)

Office Hours: CO 233  & by appt.

I am a PhD student in the Italian Specialization of Comparative Literature at The Graduate Center of CUNY.  I will also graduate with a certificate in Renaissance Studies. My research interests include: early modern Italian prescriptive literature and societal influence, Renaissance dialogues and treatises, Neo-Platonism and Petrarchism and their traces in Italian and Spanish lyric poetry, the evolution of early modern Italian women writers, Italian comedies of the 16th century, Reformation thought in the literature and history of Italy and Spain, and Italian literary influence on Spain’s golden age poetry and literature.  I am also interested in early music, early opera, and modern Italian literature from the Risorgimento through the 20th century.

My research and teaching are informed by a diverse background. Currently an adjunct lecturer of Italian language at Hunter College and previously at The College of New Rochelle, I have led language and literature classes, and cultural workshops to students of all ages at The Westchester Italian Cultural Center.  Prior to this, I founded and created an innovative language enrichment curriculum for children ages 1-6.  I earned a BA in Italian Studies from Dickinson College, and an MA in International Relations and Economics from The Johns Hopkins University, S.A.I.S. (School for Advanced International Studies). I also used Italian daily in my former career in international correspondent banking as a relationship manager, salesperson, and credit analyst.

I am especially adept at teaching to a differentiated classroom.  I strive to challenge, inspire, and mentor each student according to their needs; I believe in a classroom in which students feel comfortable to participate, make mistakes, and grow.  My goal as a BCC WAC fellow is to collaborate with faculty on specific writing tasks and help them to guide their students through the process utilizing WAC pedagogy techniques.  Beyond quantifying a solid grasp of the material, writing also places organizational and critical thinking skills in print.  As students write to learn and learn to write better, they will not only enhance their own understanding of the subject matter but will gain an important skill for a professional world which depends upon written communication from people in all fields.


2017-2018 Fellows

  • Scott Ackerman
  • Parfait Kouacou
  • Helen Panagiotopoulos
  • Ean Oesterle
  • Kate Pendoley
  • Philip Zigman

2016-2017 Fellows

  • David Bridges
  • Syelle Graves
  • Eleanor Luken
  • Heather Mir
  • Ean Oesterle
  • Kate Pendoley

2015-2016 Fellows

  • David Bridges
  • Emily Channell-Justice
  • Svetlana Jovic
  • Basil Lvov
  • Jennifer M. Pipitone

2014-2015 Fellows

  • David Bridges
  • Jennifer Chancellor
  • Benjamin Dumbauld
  • Yu-Yun Hsieh
  • Svetlana Jović, WAC Consultant
  • Michael Polesny
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